Square Reload

Square Reload is the first premium rechargeable line of electronic cigarettes from Square. The Reload brings the same award winning taste and quality of the disposable line of Square electronic cigarettes in a reusable and convenient package.

Through the use of one of our great selection of flavor cartridges, now you can quickly and easily Reload your Sqaure.

Why Square Reload?

Reload because it’s convenient and saves you time and money. When you run out of vapor simply reload the battery with a new flavor cartridge and you’re ready to go. Each flavor cartridge is equal to two traditional packs of cigarettes at around half the price of one traditional pack.

The Square flavor is unmatched, satisfying the strongest of cravings and can be enjoyed almost anywhere, cause you’re vaping, not smoking. Making the switch is a no brainer.

Square Reload - Starter Kit

Square Reload’s starter kit comes in a pack that’s about half as thin as a traditional pack of cigarettes with four times the smoke. The kit comes with two flavor cartridges and Square’s long life Lithium Ion battery, which charges quickly with the included USB charger.

The Reload’s design is sleek and classy with Square’s reputable build quality and design. All the contents in the kit snugly fit in their compartments for maximum portability

Flavor Cartridges

Flavor cartridges include all the flavors from America’s most popular disposable electronic cigarettes. With varying degrees of nicotine it’s sure to satisfy your cravings. 5 flavor cartridges, which is the equivalent to a carton of cigarettes, come in a package for $9.99.

Flavors vary in nicotine dosage.
Non-nicotine flavors also available.


Distilled Water, Nicotine (when applicable), FCC Grade Vegetable Glycerin, Natural Flavors, Artificial Flavors, Citric Acid

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